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Whitepaper and About Our Firm

Since 2018, the company’s mission is to support customers on the road to achieving economic success. We set up our office in order to serve anyone, offering a stable and secure job. Over the years we want to win the trust of clients and employees who trust in our success, but we also want to develop lots of business secrets. Due to customer satisfaction, we will continue to develop and improve our skills.

Create an Company into Butchery Market. Develop your own stock and promote your products or posts to increase your popularity.

Butchery Market is the first major shopping center for the meat industry. It was created to meet the needs of our visitors.Here you will find a wealth of information to complete your daily activities.

We hope that the services will be to the liking of the public and that the meat industry will be found here, being the only place where it is dedicated to it.

Brand and Cryptocurrency

The Butchery Market brand is registered with EUIPO (EUROPEAN UNION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE) and we reserve the right to franchise.
Also, our currency has a unique character and represents the meat industry. For companies that want collaboration releated to our currecncy, please contact us.
 Contract: 0x1fde16b0d5360386a3688d1196a22bc218d23754
The purchase can be made from https://pancakeswap.finance/
Only organic nutrition
International shipping
International quality certification
Professional meat cutting

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