Facebook butchers group policy

                     Facebook butchers group policy

1.1 Companies that steal, exploit,pay below market price, etc. they do  not have the right to post job offers or any type of posting.

1.2 Only posts related to the meat industry are accepted in these groups. Any other king of postage risks being deleted and the person in question being excluded from the groups/groups.


1.3.A.   Give this group more than he offers you. Personal promotion, SPAM content and irrelevant links are not allowed.

2.1 We reserve the right to conduct surveys, reviews or any other type of activity if we have suspicions about a person or company. These types of activities are exclusively addressed to community members and the person or company in request can appeal to our web address www.butcherymarkets.com or to the https://butcherymarkets.com/contact/

2.2 Licensing or insulting language to another member, person or company is not permitted. Any deviation from this rule can be sanctioned with restriction up to 28 days, deletion from the group/groups or final blocking.

2.3 This acceptance policy applies to all community members and non-members. If a member creates a review, survey, question the person or company in question can make a complaint to https://butcherymarkets.com/contact/

3. If we have suspicions about a person or we do not like his activity, we reserve the right to block, suspended or remove him/her from the group/groups.


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