Cryptocurrency BYMKS


As you well know, cryptocurrencies have taken the lead in recent years.

They are in a socalled blockchain system and which has been rapidly implemented worldwide. There are many companies that accept payment in certain virtual currencies and these can be purchased on online trading platforms or exchanges.

Starting with 2021, the Butchery Market platform launched its own cryptocurrency, this being a small part of the large project that will be developed in the coming years.  It was developed to be easier to pay between companies in the meat industry being the only currency in the meat industry.

It has a limited number of chips thrown on the market until the end of 2021 out of the desire to keep its price at a low value so that it can be acquired by as many companies as possible to be implemented by them.

If you are a company that wants to join the project, please contact us. We guarantee the profit.

BYMKS can be purchased from with the contract number 0x1fde16b0d5360386a3688d1196a22bc218d23754

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