Who are we? How was the Butchery Market platform born? What services do we serve and what are our future plans?

Amberlif Group is a small group of companies that was born in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2018. The full name of company is Amberlif en Co Nederland BV, which is a limited liability company.

The Butchery Market platform was born in 2020 and was developed with help of Amberlif BV. The first option was a much simpler concept, which did not allow users to develop their own business, but only to benefit from the accumulation of information about it, this was version 1.1

The new version 2.1 was developed a year later, in 2021 with multiple benefits for users. Now anyone, no matter where they are, can have their own store to display their products or simply post ads if they are looking for a particular product.

Future plans can be guessed by anyone, given that we are Butchery Market. We hope that the services will please the public and that the meat industry will be found here, being the only place where it is dedicated to it.

Over the years we want to gain the trust of customers and employees who trust our success, but we also want to develop a lot of business secrets. Thanks to customer satisfaction, we will continue to grow and improve our skills.

If you want to study our whole project, you can find it in the following link

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