Acceptance Policy and Rules

A. Acceptance Policy and Rules
 1. the acceptance policy refers specifically to retailers.
 2. in order to sell products on the Butchery Market platform, it is necessary to identify the identity of the store owner. It has the obligation to enter correctly the data drom the Store Settings as well as those from the Profile Manager.
 3. the identification will be made with the following documents: National ID Card or Passport, Photo with Business Card or Private and Export Statement From Bank Account.
 4. the documents must be clearly visible.
 5. the products and activity of the store must be closely linked to the meat industry. No other forms of sales or activities are accepted.
 6. until we receive all the necassary documents and verify the identity of the store, it cannot have activity on the platform. Immediately after all the above conditions are met, it is accepted as a retailer.
7. if we consider a suspicious activity we reserve the right for a more detailed evaluation and more documents or identification notes may be required.
 This Acceptance Policy is necessary to prevent fraud and the required documents are in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
 Acceptance Policy and Rules may be changes later. Please check this section sometimes. In case of major changes you will be notified through the messaging platform.
B. Fees
 1. we do not charge taxes or commissions os sales. The platform is free for all those who want to develop their business with us.
 2. the only payment that must be made once a year is the maintenance of the store which is 0 /year. This payment is made at the beginning of the year in January.
 3. the current year when the store was opened will be exempt from this payment.
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