The currency of the meat industry

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BYMKS and the meat industry

The BYMKS platform was created in 2021 with its own cryptocurrency of the same name. The number of chips thrown on the market at the birth of the coin was 300 trillion.

The BYMKS currency was created in order to be able to implement the blockchain system in the food industry as well, offering the companies in the field an important payment support.

Now this currency is accepted by a relatively small number of companies in the Kingdom of the Netherlands among these companies including Amberlif BV, Caels, Haiza, Dariialy DY and Dorelys, being in talks ti be accepted by a larger number this year on companies.

It can be purchased on the platform

Contract number: 0x1fde16b0d5360386a3688d1196a22bc218d23754

Polish 20210904 194453459

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