Butchery Market platform

Through this blog we want to let you know how the Butchery Market platform was born, how it can be used and what are the future plans for the meat industry.

-The BYMKS platform was born in 2020 and was developed by the company Amberlif B.V. which has its headquarters in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The first variant of this was in a much simpler concept, that did not allow users to develop their own businesses but only to benefit from the accumulation of information on it. You can find version 1.0 at this link .

-The new version 1.1 was developed a year later in 2021 with multiple benefits for users. Now anyone, no matter where they are, can have their own store to display their products, can create job offers or simply post ads if they are looking for a certain product. If you are curios to know you can develop your business on the new BYMKS you can do it at this adress!

-Future plans can be guessed by anyone. This is where everyone involved in the meat industry takes place. Stores can be opened a lot just like recruitment companies that are looking for staff to process meat. The meat industry community can be found on the platform that was created for it.

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